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Mobile App Developer

If you have great skills and experience in Mobile App development then we want to hear from you.

Responsibility :
  1. Build, maintain, fixing, improve company product mobile app new or existing
  2. Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to Maximize development efficiency
  3. Integrated with our backend services
  4. Good logic and able to solve problems quickly

Qualification :
  1. Maximum age 28 years
  2. D3 / S1 majoring in Computer Science, Engineering or related
  3. At least 1 year of experience in native Android app development
  4. Self initiated and proactive, team player with good communication and interpersonal skills
  5. Solid understanding of the full mobile application development life cycle
  6. Have published at least one original Android app on Playstore

Expertise :
  1. Preferably mastered mobile application-based programming with React Native.
  2. Have knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL.
  3. Experience with third-party libraries and APIs.
  4. Experience in using Android SDK is a must.
  5. Experience with UI/UX Android or IOS

BIG PLUS if you have :
  1. Experience with HTML5, CodeIgniter and JavaScript like Jquery
  2. Experience with IOS development
  3. Able to operate Illustrator and Photoshop

For further process, you can submit your application to
*Please attach your portfolio

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